Lunch snapshots

I’ve decided to start documenting my lunch meals during the work week as they are pretty local and usually delicious. I eat with my Chinese colleagues and that has lots of advantages. They know way more about what to order, what’s good and other things I am clueless about. The options around my office are limited but decent ranging from Cantonese, Korean, Northern Chinese, Xinjiang and more. Everything is a bargain (I rarely spend more than 30rmb on lunch) and sharing lets everyone try a bunch of dishes.

You’ll find pictures of the mala tang place we frequent often. I’ve been trying to decrease my meat intake recently and this is a great option since they have a bunch of vegetables and tofu to choose from. Soups include the basic mala tang (that’s my favorite), non-spicy soup, beef soup, corn soup and a couple of others. Prices are super cheap at 10-20 rmb a bowl depending on what you pick. My bowl usually runs about 13 rmb but I don’t have any meat or seafood so expect to pay a little more if you are getting those things. Regardless, it’s quick and versatile since you can switch soups and ingredients up each time.

Another option is Cantonese food. To be honest, it’s not my favorite but I can’t really bash noodles or wontons. Ever. Shrimp wontons and noodles in soup. 20 rmb. Done and done. The rest of the menu is pretty typical and they have lots of options. They have a dimsum section too but that’s not a great lunch option so I usually stick to noodles.